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Merged and Suppressed (Closed) Parishes

Records of closed schools are kept at Office of Catholic Schools, St. Thomas Seminary, Bloomfield.

Bloomfield. Christ the King Church (1936)
1153 Blue Hills Ave.
Cottage Grove chapel designated mission of St. Justin Church, Hartford, in 1934.
1936 changed name to Christ the King Chapel, mission of Sacred Heart, Bloomfield.
New church built 1959 on Blue Hills Ave.
Suppressed in 1996, records kept at Sacred Heart Church, Bloomfield.

Bloomfield. Our Lady of the Assumption Mission (1934)
Corner of Blue Hills Avenue Extension and Prospect Hill Road
1602 Blue Hills Avenue
Mission of Sacred Heart, Bloomfield.
Relocated to 1602 Blue Hills Avenue on December 15, 1982.
Final mass said January 22, 1989.

Falls Village. St. Patrick Mission (1851)
Mission of St. Joseph, Canaan.
Suppressed October 1, 2003. Records maintained at St. Joseph, Canaan.

Hartford. St. Anne-Immaculate Conception (2000)
(Multi-Ethnic) 820 Park St.
St. Anne, French church established in 1889 on Park Street.
Immaculate Conception, established 1896 on Park Street.
In 2000, both churches suppressed and a new parish created.
Uses old St. Anne church building.

Hartford. St. Benedict Center (1948)
North Main St.
Rev. John Laughlin and Robert D. McGrath of St. Thomas Seminary established the St. Benedict Center for black Catholics on North Main St., Hartford in 1948, an independent church corporation.
In 1962, the Archdiocese closed the center. Records are kept at St. Michael’s Parish.

Hartford. St. Patrick-St. Anthony (1829)
285 Church St.
Originally Holy Trinity, founded August 26, 1829, when Connecticut’s first resident priest, Rev. Bernard Cavanaugh said mass in a building at the corner of Main and Asylum St. while awaiting dedication of church. Old Christ’s Church, (Episcopalian), bought and rededicated as the Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity on June 17, 1830.
Name changed to St. Patrick to reflect the growing Irish population December 14, 1851.
Christ Church burnt down on May 12, 1853. New church dedicated December 14, 1851. Destroyed by fire on January 23, 1875.
Current St. Patrick’s church dedicated November 19, 1876. On December 30, 1857, church ravaged by fire and reconstructed. At this time, the steeple was removed. Building rededicated October 25, 1958.
St. Anthony of Padua (Italian) founded July 31, 1892, originally as Sacred Heart. Name changed when church at 125 Market St. was dedicated June 5, 1898.
Merged with St. Patrick’s October 25, 1957, and St. Anthony’s church and property sold to Redevelopment Commission of Hartford, which demolished the buildings. School (which previously was the community center and original church), “Casa Maria”, left intact. Currently houses Catholic Bookstore.

New Britain. All Saints (1918) Slovak
15 Wilcox St.
Suppressed July 1, 2002. Records maintained at St. Ann, New Britain.

New Haven. St. Boniface (1868) German
630 State St.
Suppressed June 12, 2005. Records maintained at St. Bernadette, New Haven.

New Haven. St. Casimir (1912) Lithuanian
339 Green St.
Suppressed October 1, 2003. Records maintained at St. Boniface, New Haven.

New Haven. St. Donato (1915) Italian
505 Lombard St.
Suppressed December 31, 2004. Records maintained at St. Francis, New Haven.

New Haven. St. John the Evangelist (1858) Spanish
79 Davenport Ave.
142 Sylvan Ave.
Built on site of Christ Church, the first property purchased by the Catholic Church in New Haven. Dedicated in 1834; same day the gallery collapsed, killing two and injuring many. In 1848, the building was destroyed by fire.
New church building built in 1858, architect: P.C. Keely
Church building, built in 1858, sold to Yale New Haven Hospital in 1969.
New church building and parish center, located on Sylvan Ave. dedicated December 4, 1970. The building was the former home of New Haven Glass Co.
Merged with St. Peter’s Church in 1991. Known as St. Peter Church.
Suppressed August 1997. Records maintained at Sacred Heart Parish.

New Haven. St. Patrick (1851)
640 Grand Ave.
Oldest Catholic church in New Haven (built 1877).
Second oldest parish in New Haven.
Suppressed in 1966. Records maintained at St. Michael’s Church.
Buildings sold to the New Haven Redevelopment Agency for $800,000.
Buildings were demolished in the 1990’s.

New Haven. St. Peter (1902)
Kimberley Ave.
Merged with St. John the Evangelist in 1991. Known as St. Peter Church.
Suppressed in 1997. Records maintained at Sacred Heart Parish.
Parish complex was placed on the CT Register of Historic Places in February 2000.
Application sent to place church complex on the National Register of Historic Places.
Church, convent and rectory were demolished in June 2000 by the New Haven Board of Education to make room for an arts magnet school. School and parish hall were saved (apparently the school was torn down as of August 2001.)

North Branford. St. Augustine (2016)
30 Caputo Rd.
Formed new parish named St. Ambrose on January 1, 2016, coinciding with the suppression of St. Monica Church, Northford.
Property formerly named St. Augustine used for St. Ambrose Parish.

Northford. St. Monica (2016)
1331 Middletown Ave.
Suppressed January 1, 2016. Records maintained at the Chancery.

Waterbury. St. Cecilia (1893) German
83 Cherry St.
Merged with Sacred Heart, Waterbury, January 2003.

Waterbury. St. Philip Neri (1923)
Name changed to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on April 23, 1924 with the dedication of a new church.

Waterbury. St. Thomas (1898)
84 Crown St.
Parish suppressed in 1997 due to low attendance.
Records kept at St. Michael, Waterbury.
Building sold to Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries, Inc., in 1998.

West Hartford. St. John the Evangelist (1942)
251 Newfield Ave.
Church built to provide services to war workers housed at the Charter Oak Terrace housing project.
Suppressed in 1999. Building used as Pentecostal church.
Records at St. Lawrence O’Toole, Hartford.

West Haven. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Chapel
Fenwick St.
Mission of St. Paul, West Haven.
Decree of Loss of Blessing of Chapel October 1, 2003