How do I become a Catholic?

Great question! First of all, to ask the question, most likely you have already engaged in a process of soul searching, prayer and reflection. The Catholic Church joyfully welcomes people into its fold and prays for the gift of faith to be given to those who sincerely seek a relationship with God in their lives. Those seeking to become a member of the Catholic church are taking a most important step that will affect every aspect of their lives. In that light, the Church offers a process of instruction in the Catholic faith whereby the individual can come to know the teachings, rituals and beliefs of the Church gradually and with prayerful support and guidance. This process for becoming a Catholic is called The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) which involves a series of sessions held in the local parish. Your first step is to call a Catholic church and tell them you would like to know more about becoming Catholic and ask if they have RCIA sessions. The length of time needed to prepare to enter the Church can depend on your knowledge of the faith and your baptismal status. During the process, the local parish community prays for the candidates as they pursue their spiritual journeys of faith.