The Office of Seminarians and Vocations Welcomes You

The Archdiocese of Hartford welcomes inquiries from young men seeking to serve the Church as priests. We also would like to help direct those men and women in discerning a vocation in the consecrated life as a religious sister or brother.

Bishop Juan Miguel Betancourt, SEMV is the Director of Seminarians, and as such, oversees any/all issues pertaining to the seminarians (formation, financial, etc.).

Father Michael Casey oversees Vocation Promotion, as well as working with inquirers, discerners, and applicants through the application process.

A Message from Father Michael Casey, Vocation Director

“It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain.” (John 15:16). The call of the Lord Jesus to serve him in the Holy Priesthood arises directly from the love of his Sacred Heart. He is still calling many more men today to leave their worldly desires and ambitions behind and set out on the great adventure of the Catholic Priesthood, to dedicate their lives to the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

A call to the priesthood usually begins with some attraction to priestly life and ministry, a call to give oneself to God in a deeper, more radical way. From there through prayer and participation in the Church’s sacramental life, one usually is led to greater trust in beginning to take the first steps of answering God’s call. If you think God may be calling you, do not be afraid! Spend time in prayer, particularly in Eucharistic Adoration and participation in the Sacraments in order to come to know Christ better. Also, it would be helpful to reach out and speak to a priest who you may know and trust, just to see what his thoughts are.

The Lord God promised to send shepherds for his Church. Today the people of God need good and holy priests who will proclaim the Gospel and celebrate the Sacraments for our world. If God is calling you, be courageous in answering, knowing that with St. Paul “we can do all things in him who strengthens us” (cf Phil 4:14).

About Us
The Office of Seminarians and Vocations for the Archdiocese of Hartford is committed to fostering quality, faithful, and lasting vocations to the priesthood. To this end, the men in our formation program must be committed disciples of Jesus Christ willing to form their lives in His likeness. St. John Vianney says, “The priest is first of all a man of prayer.” Our vocation program places priority on daily prayer. As our world becomes more materialistic and secular, the people of God need priests who, by word and example, promote the universal call to holiness which is born out of a devoted prayer life, centered in Sacred Scripture and Eucharistic oblation. Authentic devotion to the Blessed Mother is essential as well, because it leads men in the path of her divine Son.

The Office of Seminarians and Vocations gives full loyalty to the Church, namely the Holy Father, the bishops, and in particular our own bishop. It is our pledge to adhere to all the teachings of the Church. Those who would be priests must believe in the value and gift of celibacy. We make no apologies for celibacy. It is a prophetic sign of God’s Kingdom. As the Church has been plagued recently by scandal internally and persecution externally, there are many who see celibacy as the problem. It is just the opposite. For those who are called to be priests, celibacy is not the problem but a great aid to pursuing the life of holiness. A man who aspires to priesthood must radically conform his life to the life of Jesus Christ who did not marry but gave himself totally to his heavenly Father for the sake of the Kingdom.

The Office of Seminarians and Vocations believes in a formation process that develops the entire person. Potential candidates must undergo a physical and psychological examination. The primary purpose of this is to help determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. It will also help to place the seminarian in the proper academic setting. Our seminarians will be challenged spiritually, academically, personally, and pastorally so as to be ready for the grace of ordination and embracing the challenge of living the diocesan priesthood faithfully and fruitfully.

God is calling men to the priesthood. Are you one of them? The noise and distractions of our culture can cause a spiritual deafness. The Office of Seminarians and Vocations would like to help you hear God’s voice and discern His will for your life. If you think God is calling you the time to act is now!

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