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The mission of the Pastoral Department for Small Christian Communities is to promote and support small church communities and the doing of every parish activity in a reflective and relational way for the sake of building parishes where people regularly help each other to connect life and faith.

About the Department’s Work

This archdiocesan office is engaged in direct services to parishes, pastors and people. Services include work with pastoral councils, pastoral staffs and parishioners. The office facilitates both an initial and an on-going core team development process in conjunction with the parish’s pastoral leadership. A variety of annual diocesan programs are also offered to promote and support the mission among small community members and other parishioners. The department prepares lectionary-based resource materials (Quest and Summer Reflections) for small Christian communities with the assistance of men and women, priests, deacons and religious of the archdiocese.


Bro. Robert K. Moriarty, S.M., Ph.D., Director
Sandra Miller, Office Operations Manager
Lorraine Mack, Bookkeeper
L. Romano, Publications Assistant

To contact the Pastoral Department for Small Christian Communities:
The Pastoral Department for Small Christian Communities
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