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Directory of Religious Orders

Religious Institutions of Women Represented in the Archdiocese of Hartford

A.S.C.J  Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
C.G.S.  Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd
C.N.D.  Congregation de Notre Dame
C.P  Sisters of the Cross and Passion
C.S.J.  Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery
C.S.J.  Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood
C.S.S.F.  Felician Sisters
D.H.S.  Daughters of the Holy Spirit
D.M.  Daughters of Mary of the Immaculate Conception
D.O.-O.P.  Dominican Oblates of Jesus
D.W.  Daughters of Wisdom
F.S.E.  Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist
I.H.M.  Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
l.s.p.  Little Sisters of the Poor
M.M.  Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic
M.P.F.  Religious Teachers Filippini
M.S.B.T.  Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity
O.L.G.  Sisters of Our Lady of the Garden
O.P.  Dominican Sisters
O.S.B.  Abbey of Regina Laudis
O.S.B.  Benedictines of Jesus Crucified
O.S.F.  Franciscan Sisters
O.S.U.  Ursuline Sisters of the Congregation of Tildonk
R.S.M.  Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
S.A.S.V.  Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
S.C.  Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth
S.C.M.C.  Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of the Church
S.C.M.M.  Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of Mercy
S.H.C.J.  Society of the Holy Child Jesus
S.M.M.I.  Sisters Minor of Mary Immaculate
S.N.D.deN.  Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
S.S.H.J.  Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Ragura
S.S.J.  Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield
S.S.J.-T.O.S.F.  Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis
S.S.N.D.  School Sisters of Notre Dame

Religious Institutions of Men Represented in the Archdiocese of Hartford

C.M.  Congregation of the Mission
C.P.  Congregation of the Passion
C.S.C.  Brothers of Holy Cross
C.S.C.  Congregation of Holy Cross
F.B.E.  Franciscan Brothers of the Eucharist
L.C.  Legionaries of Christ
M.M.  Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers
M.S.  Missionaries of Our Lady pf LaSalette
M.S.A.  Society of the Missionaries of the Holy Apostles
O.F.M.  Franciscan Friars
O.F.M. Conv. Conventual Franciscan Friars
O.M.I.  Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate
O.P.  Order of Preachers – Dominican Friars
O.P. Miss. Dominican Missionaries for the Apostolate of the Deaf and Disabled
O.S.B.  Benedictine Monks
S.C.  Brothers of the Sacred Heart
S.C.  Sons of Charity
S.J.  Jesuit Fathers and Brothers
S.M.  Marist Fathers and Brothers
S.M.  Society of Mary – Marianists
S.M.M.  Montfort Missionaries – Missionaries of the Company of Mary