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Rooted in Gospel truths and guided by the Purpose and Vision for Catholic School Education, the Office of Catholic Schools serves and supports the Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Hartford as they cultivate excellence, transformational growth, and continued viability.

The Office of Catholic Schools will:

  • care for the People of God through servant leadership;
  • advance the educational and catechetical mission of the Catholic Church;
  • develop curriculum that will provide the foundation for students to think critically and globally, and to become productive, virtuous citizens;
  • provide leadership, formation, and professional development;
  • schools-2utilize research findings for making sound decisions;
  • foster collaboration of resources among other Catholic agencies, parishes and secular educational programs;
  • advocate recognition of and support for Catholic schools;
  • further the institutional advancement of Catholic schools; and
  • seek avenues for equitable distribution of resources.


Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis

467 Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Telephone: 860-242-5573
(General office email will be sent to the Office Manager)


Sr. Mary Grace Walsh, ASCJ, Ph.D., Provost for Education, Evangelization and Catechesis
marygrace.walsh@aohct.org ext.2662

Dr. Michael S. Griffin, Superintendent of Catholic Schools
michael.griffin@aohct.org ext. 2657

Clubb, Anne T., Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing
Ext: 2651

Costa, Jill, Administrative Assistant / Receptionist
Ext: 2670

Hidalgo, Miriam, Archdiocesan Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Ext: 2678

Horell Daly, Barbara Jean, Director of Catholic Biblical School
Ext: 2679

Keene, Gayle, Executive Assistant to the Provost
Ext: 2662

Mara, Valerie, Assistant Superintendent of Academics
Ext: 2656

Maynard, Maria, Deputy Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Ext: 2658

McCaffrey, Laura, Director of School Support and Academic Services
Ext: 2664

McClintock, Jennifer, Administrative Assistant / Archdiocesan Coordinator of Catholic Scouting
Ext: 2675

Nelson, Leslie, Business Manager
Ext: 2659

Newell, Diane, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent
Ext: 2657

Perone, Nicole, Archdiocesan Director of Adult Faith Formation
Ext: 2677

Serafin, Linda, Administrative Assistant
Ext: 2650

Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools (FACS)
Cynthia Basil Howard, Executive Director
cbhoward@facshartford.org  ext. 7498

Marie Dussault, FACS Associate Director
mdussault@facshartford.org ext. 7499
Go to FACS web site