The Secretariat for Pastoral Services is responsible for the ongoing vitality of the ministries that serve key areas of concern of the Church. These areas focus on needs of human life, faith and culture, and are critical to the Archdiocese’s evangelization outreach.

Office of Catholic Social Justice Ministry – This active ministry seeks to raise awareness in local parish communities of the Church’s social teachings and offers educational programs focused on current social justice issues.

Office of Family Life – Dedicated to the Church’s teachings on marriage and family life, the staff presents programs for marriage preparation, healthy marriages, parenting, bereavement and other services to strengthen family life in its various stages.

Office of the Deaf Apostolate – Serving the needs of the deaf community in the archdiocese, the staff provides signing at Masses and social and educational activities for the community.

University Campus Ministry – The Catholic centers on or near university campuses minister to students in their faith journeys through liturgy, social outreach and support.

Courage/Encourage – The local ministry of Courage and EnCourage participates in the mission of Courage International to support persons with same-sex attractions to live their faith in a wholesome way.

Pastoral Planning – The staff and consultants of the Pastoral Planning ministry support the Archbishop’s goal to revitalize the Archdiocese spiritually, pastorally and financially through phased long-term programs.

Office of Faith and Culture – This ministry focuses on the unique needs of the various ethnic groups within the archdiocese and supports their growth in faith as integral to enriching and living their cultural traditions.

Pro-Life Activities – Pro-Life Ministry fosters awareness of the dignity of the human person through programs of prayer, education and action.

Secretariat for Pastoral Services
Deacon Ernest Scrivani
Gail Bullucci