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The chief church of a diocese, in which the bishop has his throne (cathedra); it is, properly speaking, the bishop’s church, wherein he presides, teaches, and conducts worship for the whole Christian community.

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The chair or throne of a bishop in his cathedral church, on which he presides at solemn functions.

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(Pastoral Staff)
The crosier is an ecclesiastical ornament which is conferred on bishops at their consecration and is a symbol of authority and jurisdiction. Bishops always carry the crosier with the crook turned outwards.

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The mitre is a kind of folding-cap. It consists of two like parts, each stiffened by a lining and rising to a peak; these are sewn together on the sides, but are united above by a piece of material that can fold together. The right to wear the mitre belongs by law only to the pope, the cardinals, and the bishops. The mitre is distinguished from the other episcopal vestments in that it is always laid aside when the bishop prays.

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(Pectoral Cross)
The name of the cross used by the pope, cardinals, bishops, abbots, and other prelates entitled to use the pontifical insignia. It is worn on the breast attached to a chain or silken cord. It is made of precious metal and contains either the relics of some saint, or a particle of the Holy Cross.

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The small, round skullcap of the bishop. The official name is pileolus. The pileolus of the bishops is violet. Bishops and cardinals wear it at Mass, except during the Canon. However, according to a decision of the Sacred Congregation of Rites (23 September, 1837), a bishop also may not wear it while giving Benediction.

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