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The Catholic Biblical School Calls on You to Read, Reap and Rise

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Changing lives through knowledge of the Bible is the goal of the Catholic Biblical School (CBS) of the Archdiocese of Hartford.  Established in 1995, CBS offers state-accredited courses in every book of the Bible, following the accepted methods of study employed by state-wide colleges and universities. The curriculum is designed to include an 18-credit course load to be taken over a four-year period and registration is currently underway for the new school year, which begins September 10, 2018 through May 17, 2019. Courses are taught by credentialed educators and tuition is $350 a year.

To view a comprehensive video about CBS, click here.

CBS student Sandy Everett of Granby, says she always wanted to read the Bible. “I knew that the Bible was a ‘good book’ and I thought that I might as well read it at least once. I was surprised to learn that even if you attend Mass every day for three years, you would hear only about 13 percent of the Old Testament and 71 percent of the New Testament. I became especially interested in the Biblical School because it offered a comprehensive study of all the books of the Bible.”

Another student, James Creed of Manchester describes the courses as challenging and fulfilling. “Be prepared to work hard to gain a fuller grasp of God’s message by coming to a greater understanding of your faith and what it really means. CBS guides you on your path to a clearer vision that comes from within you and your study. This is especially evident through the camaraderie and bonding with the members of your class, who help you to understand and appreciate what it means to be a Catholic Christian.”

Any person can enroll in CBS, you don’t have to be Catholic, says CBS director B.J. Daly Horell. The only requirement is that you have a desire to “read, reap and rise.”

“As you follow your journey in reading and studying the Bible, there will be passages that strike your heart and open your mind. Every time you return to that passage, you can be encouraged anew and healed more. The truth it contains will take root in your thoughts until it becomes part of you. It will become a compass that indicates direction for your days, an anchor for your difficult times, and a marker showing how much God has done in your life,” Horell asserts.

Contact Horell at 860-242-5573 or email: catholic.biblical.school@aohct.org with questions.

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